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Topic: Resigning
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Replies: 11   Views: 64,676   Pages: 1  

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Registered: Jan 8, 2010
From: Redding,California
Posted: Jan 31, 2015, 12:09 PM

This is just your basic RANT...
Recently I played an individual who decided
He was defeated then just resigned. I felt betrayed,
Lol, this person continues to play as if there had been
Reasonable justification for his actions . I sent an apology
Hoping that I hadn't offended him without reply...
I hope everyone is okay .

Pouting in No Cal. M


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From: Central Texas
Re: Resigning
Posted: Jan 31, 2015, 5:57 PM

Hey Blondee -

Oh please don't let that bother you mi amiga. Your job is to kick butt here. Others have to deal with it the best they know how.

Actually, there are probably several reasons a player may resign. Bruised ego?, Police at the door?, too much to drink?[blush], house on fire?, not enough sex?, dog poop on the Persian rug?. ..and of course perhaps even as a parting shot intended to deprive one of a satisfying final move.

Some of the reasons a player might resign may fit your standards of acceptable social grace, and some may not.
It's quite understandable to feel a bit betrayed, but in my opinion it is not ok to feel like you must apologize to them for it.

If an opponent wants to resign because they're tired of you whip'n up on 'em.... then that's their problem, not yours. Heck I've seen a few instances where the game is only half over and the fat lady hasn't even arrived at the station yet - LoL!

I know that you know it's never over til it's over....and I know you're not a quitter ~ That's good enough for me.

Thanks for the rant - and don't apologize for that neither. -- I kinda' wish others had as much gumption to do so.


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Re: Resigning
Posted: Jan 31, 2015, 8:03 PM

I am feeling some bad vibes towards those that decide to resign.

I would like to point out that whether or not resigning is an honorable thing to do when you can see you are defeated is a cultural thing; in some places it is thought of better to resign then trudge through a lost game. I personally see it as the difference between trying to win (playing to the end hoping the other makes a big mistake) and trying to play your best (resigning once you have made a losing move or you're out of clever ploys).

I personally like playing to the end for the sake of thoroughness but I do see there is another side. I sometimes am happy for a resignation in a very long turn based game since they can take so long past the point of no return.


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From: McAllen TX
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Re: Resigning
Posted: Jan 31, 2015, 9:22 PM

I can see resigning at the bitter end as long as the request is registered as a loss. Recently a couple of newbies late in the games and obviously losing requested cancel. I politely redirected them to the proper button...


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Re: Resigning
Posted: Feb 1, 2015, 5:51 AM

I have resigned on numerous occasions when it is obvious that I have lost before my opponent plays their kill shot. Is that a bad thing to do? If so, I will stop doing this.....I hope I haven't offended my opponents by doing this. I have yet to win a single game! ***heavy sigh*** I have won against the computer a few times, but not a live player. What to do, what to do. If it is OK though, I will just slink away with my tail tucked when I see a loss coming.


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From: Saltillo, Mexico
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Re: Resigning
Posted: Feb 1, 2015, 6:26 AM

I too have resigned. Only when its obvious the next play is my defeat. Never realized some consider it bad form. Chess players do it all the time.
Never the less, I will no longer resign until the game is over.


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Re: Resigning
Posted: Feb 1, 2015, 10:06 AM

I personally don't think it's bad form (unlike requesting a cancel), but I don't do it myself. It has happened, more times than once, that my opponent didn't see the killing blow or got distracted and I was able to turn it around. It ain't over until it's over.


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Re: Resigning
Posted: Feb 1, 2015, 11:38 AM

Rainwolf, I see what you mean. . . .maybe I shouldn't take for granted that they will always see it. But, on the other hand, I figure if (I) see it, amateur that I am, then SURELY they see it. . . .but, stranger things have happened I guess. Thanks for the "pep talk". LOL


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From: Texas
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Re: Resigning
Posted: Feb 1, 2015, 5:16 PM

As madmike mentioned, in chess it is considered a breach of etiquette to fail to resign an obviously lost position. Of course, the difference in chess is that the game could go on for much longer.

If I am playing someone I know, I might consider resigning because I know that they won't miss the win.

I also understand the point blondeww is making. Sometimes you have set up an elegant finale, and it is disappointing to have it short-circuited.

If resigning is bad, is it equally bad to leave an open tessera rather than blocking it if your opponent has created a tessera and a tria?


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Registered: Jan 8, 2010
From: Redding,California
Re: Resigning
Posted: Feb 2, 2015, 9:35 AM

😊Thank you for sharing your opinions & more importantly
For the ginormous smile you've put on my face! A little insight into
A minor fopah has turned my whining phase into a mutual understanding... Realizing resigning is sometimes just being respectful,not demeaning puts a new perspective on things...
You're an incredible crew of intellects thank you so much for your responses.
They're greatly appreciated😋m


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From: Canada
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Re: Resigning
Posted: Apr 5, 2019, 4:00 AM

if a player has the option to win and is merely playing with their opponent the way a cat plays with their kill, then that player has every right to resign. In gomoku at other sites I have never encountered this absurdity, and it is seriously the biggest drawback I have yet discovered since playing here, I even quit once before because of it. Translation: if I am playing you and you neglect to form a five to win because you are showing off, expect me to resign, and don't whine about it.


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Re: Resigning
Posted: Apr 5, 2019, 10:50 PM

I personally think there are many valid reasons both for resigning and playing it out. Sometimes, I resign when there might still be hope of a mistake by my opponent. In that case, I consider it respectful. "I know you've got me here" is what I'm telling them. Other times, I may know they've got me, but they may not be able to find their win. I'll play those out, not necessarily because I expect them to make a mistake, but because I want to be sure we are both on the same page. Once that's clear, I usually resign. An open 4 which can't be captured across is a win on the next move unless I can make a Pente or cap a fifth time. Why would I want to block one side of it or make an open 4 somewhere else on the board?
I'll also, like moxie, resign if someone is showboating on a won position (unless I think I can trick them into losing somehow, of course) or if someone takes an unrated invitation and doesn't play tournament rules. Everyone has their own style, stubbornnesses and sense of respect (or lack thereof). Generally, those who show lack of respect for their opponents get what they deserve - whether that be ignores of their future invitations or an @sswhuppin' by someone they pissed off....
My personal pet peeve is when someone won't take back a losing move so that I can win the position by skill instead of by their misplay. But, again, everyone has their own preferences and hopefully they are generally close enough to each other that we can all play some good games.

Retired from TB Pente, but still playing live games & exploring variants like D, poof and boat
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