Pente - March 2005 Open

Tournament game: Pente
Format/Rules: Round-Robin / Official Rules
Rounds last: 14 Days
Game timers: 20 minutes initial / 3 seconds incremental
Restrictions: Must play at least 20 games.
Signup ends: Thu, Mar 03, 2005 11:59:59 PM UTC +0000
Play starts:    Fri, Mar 04, 2005 12:00:00 AM UTC +0000
Completion date:    Mon, Jul 25, 2005 10:53:00 PM UTC +0000
Winner:    richardiii Tournament Champ!
Prize: gold
Director(s): dweebo
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Round 1 (10 Sections, 40 Players)
Round 2 (3 Sections, 10 Players)
24 / 24 matches complete 100%
Round 3 (1 Sections, 3 Players)

Results are displayed below grouped by section. The sections are displayed as a grid, where every player plays every other player twice, once as player 1 (white), and once as player 2 ( black). When you read the results, follow the grid from left to right, NOT top to bottom. For example, if you see a 'W' in a white column, that means that the player in that row Won as White against the player in that column. At the right is the total wins for each player, and if a player will advance to the next round, they will be highlighted in yellow. More than one player can advance if there is a tie.

Section 1 - View Games
Player richardiii dweebo snut full_tilt Total
richardiii (1)   W W W L W W 5
dweebo (6) L L   L L W L 1
snut (7) W L W W   W L 4
full_tilt (10) L L W L W L   2

Section 2 - View Games
Player dmitriking jayhawklov s3v3n Total
dmitriking (2)   W L W W 3
jayhawklov (5) W L   W L 2
s3v3n (8) L L W L   1

Section 3 - View Games
Player up2ng tragedy mike321 Total
up2ng (3)   W L W W 3
tragedy (4) W L   L W 2
mike321 (9) L L L W   1