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Topic: DB view counter - and Cloak mode ?
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DB view counter - and Cloak mode ?
Posted: Oct 6, 2009, 11:18 PM

peter, is it possible to code it so that you can see the exact number of times a position in the data base has been viewed? this would be great so i know if a position of interest has little to no viewing traffic, or is the awareness of the position considered widely known due to high viewing traffic.

not sure i said this clear enough, but basically like how you did the add on for forum views totals, also code this feature for data base positions, and additionally... have the filter option work in conjunction so i know when was the last time it was viewed. for example way back in 2002, or was it recently last week.

can you see the benefits of this?

although, heres the other edge of the sword,
lets say i go into a position no one has viewed in years,.. and none would had,.. but with the new feature,..
players could data base stalk the paths of new views to see whats being ventured into. its like leaving bread crumbs for the opponent to follow. hmmmm

how ever,... what if higher paying donors had the ability to use cloak mode???? these few members could view positions with out triggering the view counter, as if it was never viewed. like a ninja tip toeing through the data base unseen. hehehe

but then if these players views are not recorded, then perhaps this defeats the point of a view counter.

it would need to hold a record of views, but with out leaving a trail of bread crumbs. how do we do this? any creative ideas any one????

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Replies: 0   Views: 26,088   Pages: 1  
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