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Topic: New Feature - Game Board View in Forums
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New Feature - Game Board View in Forums
Posted: Sep 28, 2006, 3:34 PM

The other day I had a good idea for turn-based games and I was thinking how I would explain it on the forums. I thought wouldn't it be nice to be able to show a board image in the forum post, that way it would be clear what I was talking about. So I pulled together a little code to do just that.

So here is an example Pente game I think I've played before:


I think this could become an important part of DSG, I see lots of possibilities here:
-You could use this feature to post your games with analysis
-use it to ask a question, like what is a good move in this setup?
-you could write your own game puzzle
-you could even create your own tutorials for other players

Here is how you do it, to create the board above all I did was enter this text in a forum post.
[board]g=Pente m=K10,K8,N10,M10,N12,L9,N11,N13,N8,N9,L11,M9,O8,N9,O9,J9[/board]

Or if you want to post a game that was played at DSG, you can do so using its unique game ID like this:

Game ID 50000000000408

Right now you can find a game ID by looking in a players profile, clicking a Game name to view the games they've played and viewing a game, the game ID will be at the bottom of the screen. I can add it to games in the database also if people want it there as well.

I'm excited to see what you guys come up with. Right now it's nothing fancy, but if this is used more often I can easily make changes.

P.S. Yes I said I had a feature to discuss about turn-based games, but I'm not doing it yet

Pente Rocks!
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