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Topic: The Pente Witch Trials of 2023 - A Short History
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The Pente Witch Trials of 2023 - A Short History
Posted: Sep 16, 2023, 10:14 PM

Note to reader: All dates are the author’s best approximations.

Here lies tragedy (1999-2009)
Here lies madhippo (2019 -2020)
Succeeded by secshun8 (10/22-present)

@zoeyk - As an admin, if you would kindly share the login information for tragedy (privately of course) I’d be more than happy to log into that account and immediately delete madhippo and secshun8. I will happily resign all games in progress with secshun8. If this is not possible I can propose further solutions.

I will immediately resign all games with secshun8, delete the account and resume playing with madhippo since that account is older than this one.

A third option is to delete both madhippo and secshun8, create a new account and have you personally and closely monitor every move I make in every game and act as a guide such that there can be no claim that systems are being manipulated in order to gain ranking points.

Further, I accept your apologies. I can respect your great passion for the game and the site. But I’m done with the silliness, jabs, claims, assertions, and overall negativity and blame. You are free to continue down whatever forum paths you feel best represent the community here and to hunt down the alt witches, secret move thieves, and anyone else who should be condemned for their unforgivable actions. When a witch was suspected in the community there was a test to prove the allegations were true. Bind them tightly and throw them in the water. If they drowned they were proven innocent. If they floated they were found guilty and hanged.

Please reply with your option here. Or at least offer one that ends the witch hunt.

Literature and Philosophy instructor. Cop watcher. Treasure hunter. Writer. Constitutionalist.
Replies: 0   Views: 5,274   Pages: 1  
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