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Topic: Sad 😢
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Sad 😢
Posted: Sep 20, 2020, 4:53 AM

Without going into specific games or lines, I'll just say that studying for and observing the games in this year's Pente Masters' tournament makes me sad. So much creativity and talent in finding traps and tricky lines here, but in two days per move and pushing stones around boards the puzzles so often get solved. Then, I've seen so much talent in the past month or so in speed swap 2 gomoku that it makes my eyes water to think about it. So, I guess my sadness is that there's so little interest in speed swap Pente from what I've seen. I'm not good at assessing openings, so it'll never be a strong variant for me, but it saddens me that there not more interest in it, because it'd be a beautiful thing (to me) to watch stellar Pente players like pente_gon, karlw, zoeyk, spavacz, madhippo, be_water and richardiii go head to head in fairly rapid speed swap Pente with some of the best gomoku players at playok or nupudkorda at vint.ee

Retired from TB Pente, but still playing live games & exploring variants like D, poof and boat
Replies: 0   Views: 27,539   Pages: 1  
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